Tilt-A- Whirl Gone Wild

So you haven’t heard from me in a while… You’re probably thinking what happened to her, did she fall off the face of the Earth, where did she go? Honestly, I’m not sure about any of those questions, but I am absolutely positive about this: Life. Has. Been. Crazy. Sometimes I can’t believe this is truly my reality, other times I wish I was in NYC, other times I wish I had Aspen back. A rollercoaster of emotions is quite an understatement. 

*Jump on and strap in.  Keep all hands and feet inside the cart at all times.

We will pick up where we left off….  Things were just getting good! Or so I thought.

I evacuated for hurricane Dorian the Monday before it was supposed to “tear through” the eastern coast of the United States and though I missed the opportunity to fight my way through, I was excited to have some time to hang out at my favorite coffee shop (Aspen, of course), decompress, and visit family and friends.  While I was home, one question that I received over and over again was in reference to my new normal.  Of course I made small talk and pretended everything is as perfect and glamorous as it should be, but to be completely honest, it is hard. 

After a week of being home, packing my car and saying goodbye on that Sunday afternoon was like moving away all over again. During that week I spent so much time with my favorite people- the ones who love me for me.  The ones that after a long day in the kitchen or at work I wish I could have around to laugh with me (and at me). Those are my people. I lived my life for a long time without making time for these friends, but each day I am realizing more and more how important they are. 

Going back to the beach meant leaving all this behind….again. But, it made my realize that I am lucky.  Having true friendships is a luxury that not all people are afforded.

I guess my reason for telling you this little snippet is to advise you to hold the people you love close.  We all get ready at the threat of a hurricane on the radar, but we do very little to prepare ourselves for storms in our lives.  Love the people around you with everything you have. You might not know when life will pull you in a different direction and the waves will come crashing in.

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