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Still Hanging On…

I saw this quote and, to be completely honest, it hit me in a whole different way. Here lately I’ve felt like this hanger pictured below. If you look closely it’s cracked, almost all the way to the top, but not quite there yet. It still serves its purpose. One day, I’m going to try to hang one more shirt on it and it’s going to break under the pressure of that one shirt. 

I feel like life is a lot like this sometimes and you’re just waiting for the moment you break under the pressure. Staying calm is the last thing I do when I’m under pressure or stressed out. Quite frankly, I’m the exact opposite of calm and it doesn’t change the situation at hand, but often makes it worse. Whatever pressure or stress we may be under is only temporary and most times we can’t change it. We only create extra pressure on ourselves when we try to control things that are out of our control. Today, I am training myself to quit trying to control the storm, but instead control how I am reacting to the storm. I hope you’ll try this too! 

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