A little spice in life

About halfway through this semester, we shifted to the kitchen to start learning some basic skills and cooking real food, not desserts. New discovery: I LOVE cooking. I mean, I always knew I enjoyed being in the kitchen, fixing desserts or real food, but this class has opened a whole new world for me. For instance, if you mix eggs and sugar together, the sugar will begin to cook your eggs if you let it sit. Bet ya didn’t know that? (free of charge folks)

I have recently been thinking about how life would be different if I had chosen to go to ICC rather than HGTC; I would be almost halfway finished with the program, I would be living in the city….and spending lots of money, haha. I chose HGTC for the more personal experience, the amazing facility, and the beach is nice, right?! My only wish is that I could get to where I wanted to be faster than the pace at which I am currently moving. I am excited for the future and to get back into the industry, but friends and family constantly remind me that I am where I am for a reason. I am working on shifting my mindset to one of gratitude, instead of questioning. I should be thankful for the simple fact that I get to go to school here, and I get to go to work, instead of I have to do this or that. Less dread- more anticipation.

As you can tell, I am all over the place. Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I sold the bakery and moved away. It seems surreal. I couldn’t have done it without my family, friends, and customers who constantly encouraged me to chase my dream. I remember back to when my old work pal told me I was brave for chasing my dreams. At that point I didn’t understand why she thought this way- now I see it clearly. I never really realized how much you have to sacrifice to do what you love and how brave it actually is. I know this is just the beginning and the sacrifices I make now are small compared to what the future holds, but I look forward with anticipation- ready to ask how far when the world says go.